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*_-BassPower-_*Demo *_-BassPower-_*Demo

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Nice Loop, great flexibility if you remix!

Thanks for the review.

I use Fruity Loops 8 XXL Producer Edition (in case u were wondering)

Anyway, from one artist to another i think that this loop has potential, its not the most exciting thing to listen too. Im not sure what ur original intentions for this were but it would make a nice intro to a house song. Also if youre into drum and base or industrial, i could definatly see this as a melody in either of those genres, provided you increase the tempo and put some kind of percussion in the background maybe some bells or a buzz instrument from the drumsynth menu.

I really like the reverb applied to the guitar. Try playing around with sytrus to give the song more of a fluid feel.

This loop really has potential in alot of genres which is great because it gives you flexibility in terms of your final product.

I hope that helps! Good work.

spyderbrd responds:

lol thanks...i think it kinda sucks compared to other things i have been working on lol...i just can't seem to find a good mp3 converter....

[Superior Take on me Remix] [Superior Take on me Remix]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Damn good job.

Wicked Job. One of the best a-ha remix's ive heard in a while. the award is well earned.

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RyanTime2 responds: